A group of five intrepid catwalk repair specialists set out on a chilly sunny morning to replace the rotted planks of the 500 foot long span that traverses the lower end of the Great Marsh. No easy undertaking by anyone’s standards. Jeff, the most experienced among us, had theoretically devised an ingenious way to detect the defective planks…by stepping on them. As evidenced by the broad smile on Jeff’s face the undeniable proof of his theory was apparent.

John, the fastidious keeper of tools for the day’s project, decided that after a hard morning’s work, it was time to clean and pack up the tools for the return trip. To that end he tossed the muddy and soiled crowbar into the clear water below. And in the selfless team spirit that John exudes, he then jumped into the icy water to retrieve the freshly washed tool.

Thanks to the mentoring and examples of both Jeff and John, both an inspiration to the other team members, the project was a resounding success. Jeff, Jordan and Joe gained some valuable experience for the next project. Our new team slogan… Watch and learn!”

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Jeff after testing an old section with a face plant!
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