A small group of three birders braved the snow covered marsh on February 10th. This is typically the “slowest” time of the year for the birds but we did manage to observe thirty-two species. 
Some of the highlights include: A pair of Wood Ducks circling the marsh adjacent to the catfish pond, 4 American Black Duck, 7 Ring-necked Duck, Northern Harrier, Bald Eagle and 3 American Tree Sparrow. 
As we move out of February and into March the activity and number of species should be on the rise as we move into the very beginnings of spring migration. Our next walk will be on Sunday, March 17th. With the days getting longer and sunrise at 7:10 AM, this walk is scheduled to start at 7:30 AM. 
It’s time to start thinking spring and time to start brushing up on bird songs! (yes, while I know there won’t be a whole lot of singing in the middle of March I like to get an early start; but that’s just me…)
See you soon

Photograph courtesy of Jim Moffett