On Sunday, December 9th we had a group of thirteen birders and decided to bird as a single group. It was cold but clear and windless day and the largely frozen ground made for some easier walking this month in the lower areas. Although the marsh was largely ice covered, there were some spots of open water available for waterfowl. 

A total of thirty-seven species were seen and some of the highlights included: 200 Snow Geese migrating overhead, 50 Mallards along with 2 American Black Duck. An American Kestrel flew in behind the Catfish pond and offered the group extended views as it perched in the top of a tree while surveying it’s surroundings. A hermit thrush was spotted low in the brush next to the Little Bass pond. A Fox Sparrow popped up at the racetrack and a female Purple Finch was perched above the lane. 

Our January bird walk will be on Sunday, January 13th at 8:00AM EST.

See you then.