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GMI Big Birding Day

For any birdwatcher whether they be professional or casual, May is the highlight of the birding year. Peak migration in the first couple of weeks offers the chance to see and/or hear the greatest numbers of species in a single day.

This year The Great Marsh Institute is offering a unique charity birding experience, The GMI Big Birding Day, for a group of four people interested in experiencing a memorable day of birding while contributing to GMI's mission to provide scientific and educational studies. This event will be held on Saturday, May 11th 2019. 176 species have been recorded on the property to date and we are hoping to see/hear over 90 species with a possibility of over 100!.  

The plan is to start birding at 6:00AM with a break for lunch at the Nature Center provided by GMI. After lunch we will continue to bird until as much of the property is covered as possible. We will hike, canoe, and utilize a gator to access all of the different habitats. 

GMI has numerous scientific and educational projects in the works and your donation to these efforts should be well rewarded with a great day of birding.

Mike Coulter 

See you out there,

Further details about the event:

This event is only open to 4 participants and the cost is $100 per person. To sign up for this even please contact Lori Moore:


March 17, 2019 Bird Walk

GMI's March bird walk had a group of 14 birders' enjoying the first signs of spring migration. The morning started off with a fly-by Bald Eagle cruising over the marsh. The catfish pond and the upper marsh hosted a pair of American Wigeon along with numerous Wood Duck, Canada Geese, Green-winged Teal and a pair of Black Duck. The first American Tree Swallows made their appearance as well as a FOY Eastern Phoebe. 
Heading out the the marsh and onto the lane, a group of 80 Snow Geese were observed migrating overhead. A beautiful Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in fresh plumage was seen as well. The first Fish Crows of the year were flyovers announcing themselves with their signature nasal calls. 
The wet woods near the turnpike gave the group excellent looks of at least a dozen Rusty Blackbirds and a very accommodating Pileated Woodpecker working the base of a tree at about 30 yards. 
All in all we observed a total of 45 species.
The next walk will be on Sunday, April 14th with a start time of 7:00AM as sunrise will be at 6:26AM. 
See you out there.

Photo Courtesy of George Tallman